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vendredi 13 mars 2009

Merci - Thank You - Shukria - धन्यवाद

The rickshaw is now in France and every time I am driving it, I feel so thank you for everyone who help me making this dream happen.

I would like to thank Basha, Kumar and every mechanic who help me in my quest for a 25-years old rickshaw in Mumbai.

I would like to thank Ravi, the former owner of the rickshaw. Thank you Ravi for the welcome you and your family gave us when Pierre and I came to Chiplun.

I'd like to thank Dyaneshwary. Thank you very very much for your help and the time you spend talking with Ravi in Marathi (local language) in order to deal with him.

I would like to thank Ganesh, for the time he and his mechanic team spend to fix and pimp the rickshaw. Thank you for your reactivity, the Indian style is amazing and the engine is working perfectly.

I would never forget to thanks Pooja and Tanisha for helping me translating with Ganesh and bring them to Ganesh's garage.

I would like to say a big thank you to my shipping team: Sunny and Bilitis for dealing with indian customs and book a container to France. That was definitely one of the most complicated things to do! And you did it mates! You're definitely the dream shipping team!

Thank you Nadine and Marcel, the two agent who deal with the French customs to get the paper work done.

I would like to thank my Grand Father for driving his truck to the port in France to get the rickshaw from the warehouse.

Finnaly, thanks to Pierre, Nicolas, John, Mathieu, my family and the everyone who follow the adventure. You always keep the faith in this project, thank you, you where the engine of this project, thanks to you, I never felt turning back.

Thank you everyone who help me in one way or another to achieve this project.

Thanks all of you where than it wouldn't be possible to make it. I feel so sorry if for some reasons I couldn't show you the rickshaw before I ship it to France. Its probably for a matter of time but I'd like to be grateful to you, so if you come in Lille, I would be please to introduce you my city in the Rickshaw.

Thank you very much all of you


Kindly read this article published in the Seventeen India Magazine in September 2008

3 commentaires:

poopoo a dit…

awwwwwww clemouche!!!

Grégoire a dit…

Encore bravo à toi pour ce super projet.
On ne se connaît pas encore mais je suis à l'Ieseg donc j'espère te croiser un jour dans les rues de Lille.

Scalino a dit…

Wow, magnifique, étant parti en Inde, j'étais aussi assez fasciné par ces engins, mais de là à en ramener un en France ! BRAVO !