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mercredi 30 avril 2008

What is this Blog about ?

Dear English-Speaking Friends,

My name is Clément Flipo, I am a 24 year old French student in Paris. I write this blog to share my adventure with an India Auto-Rickshaw. In April 2008, I decided to buy an Auto-rickshaw in India, to ride around in it in Bombay streets and finally to export it to France in order to use it in the French streets.

1 year and half later, this is done ! I am now enjoying driving the rickshaw in Lille, my home town and occasionnaly in Paris.

Unfortunatly, writing this blog takes me a lot of time and only few post sare writen in English. If my level of writing English gets better and if I have the occasion to live in a Foreign country, I will probably write in English in the future.

By now, I can suggest you to see the pictures of the rickshaw in France, to follow me on twitter or if you are really get crazy about it, to used google translation right here and try to understand what I a taking about. But, sorry for that, I can not garantee the quality of the translation...

Anyway, enjoy and see you !


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